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"95% of sites and infrastructures are insecure, are you in the 5% ?"

It's time to secure your


Information Gathering

Informations are source of power. How is your system exposed? How many informations does your system send to the world? The gathering service points to reach public and private data about your system and your company. It's the first step for a good hacking attack, you must be aware of the real identity your company/system shows online.

Penetration Testing

"The best defense is a good offense". In this case it's a self attack. Penetration testing is meant to verify your system security level, simulating real attacks on it based on OSSTMM and OWASP protocols and procedures. There isn't a real 100% secured system, it's only matter of budget and time. Defsec has 100% positive results on penetration testing service.

Vulnerability Assessment

Your company is already secured? Are you sure? And at which level? Defsec can study your system for reporting the real level of security in all enviroments and trough time. As is often the case, many companies think their systems are updated and secure, instead theya are deeply vurnerable and open to everyone! Don't make their mistakes, once your company has been breached, it's really too late. Call us and fix your code.

Armoring & Consulting

Once necessary testings are completed, it's time to fix your system! Armoring your code, your network and your server is the best solution to arise your security level. In our history, our armored systems are higly secured, protecting your company is our first objective. Anyway defending your business it's also matter of good practice, we prefer to teach your employers high security habits with our Mentor Security Courses.

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Last Feedbacks

Elettrical Engineereng co.

"I would recommend DefSec to any company that has patents on internal development. Unfortunately we were victims of industrial espionage, fortunately only once, but it has led to economic losses; no one could figure out where was the hole in our security. Thanks to Defsec, we understood where it was and fixed it."

Company Role: CEO

Service provided: Pen. Testing & Fix

State: ITALY

Motors co.

" Our administrative department has been scammed several times by foreign hackers, damaging our company for an huge sum of money. Defsec has protected our network and trained our staff to be able to defend us in the future."

Company Role: Administration

Service provided: Courses / Armoring

State: ITALY

E-commerce co.

" Having an online business entails risks of all kinds. Thanks to DefSec we realized that our online portal was flawed and that all our customers' data could be downloaded. After testing and fixing, we decided to go under the DefSec Armoring program to work safely with our customers"

Company Role: IT Chief Architect

Service provided: P.t., Fix, Armor